Security Services
  • Security Analysis and Customized Security Plan. (A special and unique aspect of our service is the Comprehensive Security Analysis which would result in a Customized Security Plan. This high-cost exercise would be done as a complimentary service to our customers; thus resulting in substantial savings).
  • Security Risk Analysis, Security Crisis Management and Security Audit.
  • Static, Mobile Guards and Armed Guards (Security personnel are often seen as the “Front Window” of an organization; the quality of security guards, will, therefore, influence the “First Impression” of the customers).
  • Executive Protection.
  • Antecedent Verification.
  • Security Escorts Duties, for Call Centre, IT and other such organizations.
  • Training of Security Personnel.


Our Methodology

What is UNIQUE about AFS?

At Atharv Facilities Services we understand what customers need when it comes to housekeeping and security. We anticipate your requirements and design specific service systems to address your unique circumstances.

Site Assessment:

Before commencing a new business the client site is personally visited by the top management team members along with the supervisors to understand and evaluate the manpower and material needs of the client site. Detailed study of the infrastructure (flooring, walls, toilets, pantries etc) helps us understand the types of cleaning materials and machines that would be required. Accordingly a discussion is held with the client and proposals are rolled out.

Security analysis:

We carry out a detailed security analysis of the total requirement of your company, as a complimentary service as it not only improves the security environment but also helps us in maintaining the high standards that we have set for ourselves. The idea is not to increase the number of guards, but to increase efficiency by use of technical means, by increased surveillance, as also by making more efficient use of existing security set up. A detailed report of internal and external security requirements of your premises will be presented.

Total Security and Surveillance and NOT mere ‘Gate Duty”: No barrier wall or fence will provide security unless it is kept under surveillance. At present, wherever there is entry, guards are placed. This is an inefficient method of security planning. We plan to improve surveillance of parameters within existing resources, wherever possible.


As our core team member had the honour of heading Indian Army’s biggest and the most prestigious training institute, we have hand-picked retired instructors from that institution as our instructors. Our training is at par with Indian Army standards. We are prepared to train Security Guards from other firms and agencies and certify them, provided they meet our recruitment standards.

Accountability & Discipline:

Housekeepers, Guards and supervisors who violate rules are not only dismissed, but blacklisted.

Peer-Monitoring and Reporting System:

“Peer reporting”, “Mutual assessment”and “Whistle-Blowers” concept will be encouraged and rewarded. This will eliminate thefts, pilfering and other forms of loss, with or without internal collusion.

Forced Decision Matrix:

A realistic and fail-safe system, of submitting reports by Supervisors and Security Officers, is implemented.

All Round Capability for Time Critical Verification Services:

We are in the unique position to provide Authentic, Time Critical, Time Sensitive Verification Services for high volume needs of the Telecom and Banking Sectors. Institutionalized and Documented feedback arrangements from clients followed by expeditious “action taken report” from Company. Stringent regulatory and statutory compliance.

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